Renewable Wind Energy

With an annual growth rate of 30% globally, renewable wind energy has been the fastest growing source of electricity generation worldwide since the 1990s. Most of this early growth has been in Europe, but as the demand for alternative energy rapidly increases in the U.S., the country is more aggressively pursuing wind energy as a renewable source. In 2012, wind energy became the number one source of new U.S. electricity generation capacity for the first time—representing 43% of all new electric additions and accounting for $25 billion in U.S. investment.

Renewable wind energy is already the largest source of alternative power in the United States for electricity generation. The positive economic impact of renewable wind energy is far reaching. Apart from the electricity generation costs being offset by natural wind energy, evidence exists that investing in renewable energy creates four times the amount of jobs as investing in natural gas.
Additionally, U.S. initiatives sponsored by wind powering groups have demonstrated that the increased use of renewable wind energy establishes new income sources for rural land-owners, farmers and Native Americans via the ability to create offshore wind farms.

The beauty of renewable wind energy is that this form of power is available almost anywhere in the world. Wind delivery is not dependent on outside suppliers and no fuel costs are associated with running wind turbines. Also minimized are any geographic political risks from import laws or emission pollution. After initial construction, wind turbines may run for 20 years carbon-free.

With much improved power ratings, newly built wind turbines are more efficient and reliable than ever. The case for wind power to be a key contributor to the alternative energy mix in the US is undisputed. Renewable wind energy bridges the gap on the demand for clean energy sources, reduces consumer energy costs, creates jobs and has a positive impact on the environment.


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