Power to Choose

When establishing a relationship with an energy company, most consumers living or running a business in deregulated states do not realize they have a choice in their energy supplier. Thanks to deregulation, consumers no longer are assigned particular energy providers based on boundary lines, nor are they subjected to a utility company’s monopoly on a market. So the question becomes – which energy company to choose? This decision can be complex; there are many things to consider, and gathering the proper information is challenging for some.

PowerToChoose Green was created to mitigate these tough decisions and give consumers the tools and information necessary to make a wise and informed decision. Helping steer through the individual state objectives, initiatives or providers, that is the goal. For the consumers, this means that energy choices are clear with provider benefits presented in the simplest terms.

Several states across the US have begun to deregulate energy. Texas has been a leader among them, having deregulated electricity since 2002. The list of deregulated states keeps growing and includes states such as Connecticut, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, California and others. Furthermore, deregulation is individual to each state and while many states have only deregulated electricity, others have deregulated further and included gas.

Deregulation brings with it added benefits beyond just the freedom to choose an energy provider. Deregulation allows consumers to choose from renewable and green energy resources rather than conventional fossil fuels. The freedom to choose energy has most certainly been a benefit to many Americans across deregulated states, and it is here to stay as the drive to improve renewable energy sources grows.

So why not make the choice to exercise energy freedom? Let PowerToChoose Green help be the guide to finding the best energy source available. Whether the goal is to save money, better the environment, or both, PowerToChoose Green enables shoppers to meet their personal goals.


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