Renewable Energy Texas

Over the last 100 years, Texas has always been a global leader in the gas and oil industries, but now they are poised to also lead in renewable energy production. Building upon their energy expertise, part of the state’s workforce is being trained to help Texas hold the lead in their capacity to generate wind energy and produce biodiesel. While 37 states currently have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) laws in position, Texas also leads the way in effectiveness and success by reaching their installation of 10,000 MW renewable sources goals 15 years ahead of their 2025 target date.


Constellation Energy  |  Get Rates

Constellation Energy provides Texas residential electricity plans through its StarTex Power subsidiary. The variety of electricity plans include: flexible short or long-term plans; fixed rates; no-interruption switch-overs; 100% renewable electricity.

Direct Energy  |  Get Rates

Direct Energy has given customers multiple options in products and services, decreasing electricity costs and offering better values state wide. Direct Energy offers a diverse range of Texas electricity plans, including fixed rates, variable rates, green energy and prepaid energy.

Green Mountain Energy  |  Get Rates

Since 1997 Green Mountain has been the nation’s longest serving green power marketer in the United States and continues to lead as a competitive retail provider of clean energy and carbon offset solutions through offerings in solar and wind energies.

Just Energy  |  Get Rates

Just Energy was founded and is headquartered in Texas and currently serves 1.8 million consumers continent wide providing green energy and energy efficient solutions.

New Leaf Energy  |  Get Rates

New Leaf Energy is a green energy company fully committed to using 100% Green-e® certified renewable energy and keeping user rates affordable in Texas.

North American Power  |  Get Rates

North American Power is a Green-e Energy-certified, renewable energy option for residential and business customers nationwide. As a supporter and provider of wind technologies, AmericanWind was created to promote a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Tara Energy  |  Get Rates

Tara Energy’s Green Plan is not only competitive, but helps reduce harmful emissions in the Texas environment by supporting electricity generated from 100% renewable sources.

TXU Energy  |  Get Rates

Through its Right Time Savingssm plan, TXU offers their customers automatic discounts on their utility bills through Energy Free Nights and Energy Free Weekends. Discounts apply by using electricity during designated time frames. TXU’s goal is to find affordable energy solutions for their customers.


Franchise Tax deductions are being offered to Texas companies that participate in renewable energy. Those who solely engage in the manufacturing, selling, or installation of solar or wind devices are exempt from the Texas franchise tax. Franchise tax deductions of 10% off the cost of a solar or wind energy system are being given to businesses that install these products.