Renewable Energy Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards require 18% of electricity sold by 2021 to come from renewable or approved alternative sources. Of that, at least 0.5% must be solar photovoltaic power. The state has taken important steps to develop its clean energy potential and is home to Montgomery County, the first wind-powered county in the nation. Mostly located in the Appalachian southwest, the state’s existing wind farms are able to produce 750 megawatts of energy, which is enough to power about 180,000 homes. With an estimated wind resource of 3,307 megawatts, much room for expansion is a possibility. Pennsylvania currently ranks 16th in the nation in installed wind power and is a strong proponent of solar energy.


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By offering plans such as JustGreen, which ensures that 100% of power is generated by renewable energy sources, Commerce Energy is doing its part to dissolve Pennsylvania’s ranking of being the second worse emissions-related death rate per capita in the US.

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ConEdison Solutions’ Green Power and Wind Power is Green-e certified, the country’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy. Look for the Green-e logo, which identifies superior, certified renewable energy options.

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Constellation supplies its residential customers in select electric distribution company service areas with renewable wind energy, which is generated by wind turbines located on wind farms within specific control areas.

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Direct Energy, in partnership with Pittsburgh Magazine, has launched the first-ever Small Business Community Heroes Award honoring small business owners’ efforts to make their city a better place. Direct Energy delivers diverse ranges of electricity plans, including fixed or variable rates and green or prepaid energy.

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For over 10 years, Green Mountain Energy has remained 100% committed to producing green energy from electricity products made using clean, renewable sources like wind, and carbon offset products that help neutralize carbon emissions. Each of Green Mountain’s products is environmentally beneficial.

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Just Energy operates under the Just Energy and Commerce Energy brands in Pennsylvania, and services over 1.8 million customers across North America. Just Energy is a leading provider of natural gas, electricity and green energy.

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North American Power is a Green-e Energy-certified, renewable energy option for customers. It not only focuses on eco-friendly products but also strives to reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil by investing heavily in wind energy.


Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard requires that solar energy generate 0.5 percent of the commonwealth’s electricity by 2020 – which can power almost 80,000 homes.

Strong support from the state, in the form of renewable energy mandates and rebates, makes Pennsylvania one of the top 10 states in the nation for installed solar power capacity.

Pennsylvania’s 100 million dollar Sunshine Solar rebate program rewards rebates to homeowners and small businesses have been for installing solar electric and solar hot water systems.