Renewable Energy Ohio

After establishing an alternative energy portfolio standard in 2008, it was mandated that at least 25 percent of all electricity sold in Ohio come from alternative energy resources by 2025. Ohio must generate at least 50% of this electricity in-State. Half of the standard must be generated through renewable energy sources like wind, solar, hydroelectric power, geothermal and biomass; that is 12.5% of all electricity sold. The other half of the standard may be generated through advanced alternative energy resources, such as energy-efficiency programs and other clean energy technologies that are able control and prevent carbon dioxide emissions. All companies are required to meet annual renewable and solar energy benchmarks that increase each year.


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Constellation Energy provides Ohio residents with the option to switch their energy needs to solar with the Astrum Solar plan. The plan can be implemented with zero dollars down for a term of 20 years through this leasing program.

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Direct Energy services more than six million residential, business and services customers across North America for electricity, natural gas, home energy services and energy efficient solutions by delivering diverse ranges of electricity plans, including fixed or variable rates and green or prepaid energy.

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Just Energy provides an Efficiency Center to help Ohio residents find ways to save money and energy while helping the environment. The Efficiency Center offers tips on cutting residential, business and transportation expenses. Additionally, Just Energy’s SmartShop also saves consumers up to 30% on everyday items for homes and businesses.

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North American Power makes great efforts to preserve the environment by supporting sustainable resources, like renewable wind energy, to offsetting carbon emissions through their greenelectric and cleangas programs.


With more than 60 state facilities making components for the wind industry, Ohio leads the country in renewable wind technology manufacturing. In 2012, the state was in the top five nationally for wind capacity additions; adding 313 MW and over 54,000 in wind resource potential.