Renewable Energy New York

According to NYSERDA and the federal Department of Energy, New York’s renewable resources of wind, hyrdopower, solar, geothermal and biomass provide about 11% of the energy that New Yorkers use. Renewable resources power the state’s transportation, space heating, industrial processes and electricity power. Most importantly, renewable energy has the potential to meet as much as 40% of New York energy needs by 2030. Since almost 100% of the renewable energy used in New York is generated in-state (while most fossil fuel energy is imported), local economies are able to keep and further invest more of the monies spent for renewable energy. Stable, well-paid jobs in grid-scale renewable energy industries help sustain local New York economies. The continuously growing markets for renewable technologies enhance New York’s technical, commercial and financial and industrial potential.


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ConEdison Solutions has consistently provides the technical expertise, project management and installation capabilities to deliver the industry standard for turnkey energy services to all aspects in communities from the local to state levels.

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Direct Energy’s Environmental Management System has achieved ISO 14001 certification and has been recognized internationally for environmental excellence. Based on customer counts, they are the third largest commercial and industrial retailer in North America.

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Green Mountain is proud to be a leading competitive retail electricity provider in the nation dedicated to cleaner energy. The company constantly strives to make a difference for the environment, helping to avoid more than 24.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions through its green product offerings.

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Just Energy employs over 1,200 workers and has 500 dedicated customer service representatives, ensuring the infrastructure necessary to provide its 1.8 million customers unparalleled service for their green energy solutions.

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North American Power is a Green-e Energy-certified, renewable energy option dedicated to growing its AmericanWind offering, which was created to promote a cleaner and more sustainable planet and to help diminish the country’s reliance on foreign energy imports.


New York’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) has a goal of at least 30% of renewable electricity by 2015. Renewable electricity generators are groomed to compete for state production incentives, helping to guarantee delivery of renewable electricity to ratepayers.

New York offers incentives, grants and loans to help its residents to adopt renewable energy technologies or develop renewable energy businesses.