Renewable Energy New Jersey

The Renewable Portfolio Standard requires that 22.5% of New Jersey’s electricity must be generated through renewable resources by 2021. NJ is second in the nation in the total number of homes and businesses to have installed solar panels. As of May of 2013, 22,014 solar photovoltaic systems have been installed, equaling more than 1,078 MW.


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Commerce Energy offers green products allowing customers to offset up to 100% of the negative impact on household energy use with renewable power and carbon emission reduction projects. Consultants work with consumers to create a workable plan that is both affordable and efficient.

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Constellation supplies its customers in select electric distribution company service areas with renewable wind energy generated by wind turbines located on wind farms within specific control areas.

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Direct Energy, one of the largest energy suppliers nationwide, delivers diverse ranges of electricity plans, including fixed or variable rates and green or prepaid energy.

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Since its beginning, Green Mountain Energy remains 100% committed to producing green energy made from using clean, renewable sources like wind, and carbon offset products that help neutralize carbon emissions. Green Mountain focuses on creating products that are environmentally beneficial.

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Just Energy ensures that the green products they offer help support emission reduction and renewable energy production projects to the markets they serve. The company invests in green projects that meet high industry standards, including: EcoLogo, Verified Carbon Standard, International Organization of Standardization and Climate Action Reserve.

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For the more environmentally conscious consumers, North American Power created greenelectric™ and cleangas™, completely eco-friendly green energy plans. Additionally, with AmericanWind, the company gives clients the opportunity to purchase wind RECs that help to achieve total US energy independence.


CleanPower Choice

New Jersey’s CleanPower Choice Program allows customers to choose renewable sources of energy. CleanPower Choice electricity is produced from renewable energy sources located in New Jersey and the mid-Atlantic region. The more residents who sign up for the program, the more diversified the renewable energy sources that will be added to the mix. Also, each resident that takes part in the CleanPower Choice Program avoids over 10,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to planting 1.35 acres of trees.