Renewable Energy Illinois

Even though Illinois residents use a reported 129 million Btu of site energy per household, which is 44 percent more than the United States average, home owners still have lower utility rates compared to other states with comparable climate. According to a recent Energy Information Administration survey, Illinois households spend only 2% more for energy than the U.S. average. These figures are a result of using less fossil fuel based utilities as the state ranks fourth in the nation for clean energy. State environmental policies have pushed the state to be one of the best ranked in the nation for green initiatives, introducing 16 clean energy projects in 2012, resulting in 6,618 potential green jobs. The largest state project was the two billion dollar Rock Island Clean Line Transmission Project, which is set to manufacture 500 miles of overhead transmission cable for a grid designed to harness wind energy starting in 2014. The Rock Island project is estimated to bring 1,450 jobs to Illinois and deliver 3,500 megawatts of renewable energy to not only Illinois but other eastern states as well.


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Constellation Energy has been providing energy services to Illinois customers since 1999. The variety of electricity plans include: flexible short or long-term plans; fixed rates; no-interruption switch-overs; 100% renewable electricity.

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Direct Energy offers multiple options in products and services, decreasing electricity costs and offering competitive prices state wide. Direct Energy services more than six million customers across North America for electricity and natural gas, home energy services and energy efficient solutions.

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Green Mountain offers the residents of Illinois cleaner electricity products to power their homes through renewable sources such as wind. Green Mountain’s Pollution FreeTM product helps reduce consumer household emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.

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North American Power is eco-friendly, offering a variety of renewable energy choices and has created greenelectric™, cleangas, and AmericanWind™ to assist in their clean planet efforts.

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Tara Energy’s Green Plan is not only competitive, but helps reduce harmful emissions by offering products such as the SmartStat Smart Thermostat, which automatically accounts for elements such as weather, house size, number of occupants and type of HVAC system to maximize energy efficiency. SmartStat saves money and reduces impact on the environment.


The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation is a huge supporter of renewable energy developers and encourages the use of alternative energy throughout the state. In 1997 the state restructured its electric-industry legislation to accommodate separate public benefits funds supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Renewable Energy Resources Trust Fund (RERTF), which is administered by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, supports renewable products and services through various incentives such as grants and loans. Projects eligible for trust fund support include wind and solar-thermal energy, limited or non-expansive hydropower, photovoltaics, dedicated crops grown for energy production and organic waste biomass. An extension for the funding mechanism has been granted through December 12, 2015.