Renewable Energy Connecticut

While Connecticut has zero fossil fuel reserves, the state does have small renewable energy resources, including wind power potential and fuelwood resources in its northern region. The most energy used in Connecticut is by households and transportation, with the industry sector accounting for the smallest energy consumption. According to reports, the state’s residential electricity use is below the US average as the typically mild summers result in low demand for air-conditioning and electricity is not the primary energy source for heat in winter months. Connecticut requires that a percentage of the electricity creation provided to state consumers be made from renewable energy sources, including solar, hydropower and landfill gas, among others. The Renewable Portfolio Standards in 2012 was 16%, increasing to 19.5% by 2015 and 27% by 2020.


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As the Central Connecticut Chambers of Commerce’s endorsed electricity supplier, Constellation helps clients develop renewable energy management solutions to protect their bottom line. Benefits include fixed-rates for multi-year contracts and other flexible purchasing plans.

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Homeowners and small commercial clients of Connecticut Light and Power and United Illuminating Company can choose to use 100% renewable power under ConEdison Solutions’ Connecticut Green Power. Unlike traditional fossil fuels, Connecticut Green Power is generated from countrywide wind sources, helping reduce or eliminate the negative environmental effects of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.

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Direct Energy provides a Learning Center to help Connecticut customers educate themselves on energy related topics and gain energy efficiency tips. Other topics at the Learning Center include energy deregulation, how to read an energy meter and a glossary to help clients understand energy terms.

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Green-e Energy-certified North American Power sustains not only the environment, but charitable causes as well. North American Power’s charitable benefit, Mission to Millions, donates to designated charities. Customers choose a charity from a featured list of partners, and 1 dollar is given on the customer’s behalf to that cause for every month that customer remains a current account. Customers are not only saving the earth by choosing green energy, but sustaining a worthy charity as well.


The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority, the country’s first full-scale clean energy finance authority, offers incentives and new low-cost financing as an incentive to homeowners, companies, municipalities, and other institutions to support renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Project 150

Project 150 is an initiative intended to increase renewable energy supplies in Connecticut by at least 150 megawatts of installed capacity. This initiative gives developers, manufacturers and financiers the opportunity to advance Connecticut-based “Class I” renewable projects.