Renewable Energy by State

Energy deregulation found its start with the National Policy Act of 1978, followed by the Energy Policy Act of 1992. The 1990s is when the United States opened power grid access to all electricity suppliers, allowing consumers to choose from which producer their local distributor gets their energy.

Additionally, businesses and homeowners may now dictate what kind of energy they prefer, specifically a choice now of purchasing renewable/green energy plans instead of traditional fossil fuels. While implementation of energy deregulation was left to be mandated by each individual state, the marketplace is growing quickly creating competitive pricing for customers as well as improved energy quality and eco-friendly technologies.

So far eight states have actively taken the steps to open up energy markets, and recent reports indicate that many more are expected to follow. In fact, estimates suggest that all 50 states will have some form of deregulated energy by 2020, if not sooner.

The 8 States

New Jersey
New York

Energy Deregulation

Deregulated States